Marc Mulders in cooperation with Maarten Meevis

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Marc Mulders in cooperation with Maarten Meevis (01-05-2007 t/m 31-07-2007)

Liturgy and Typography

Opening : Sunday 29/04/2007 15:00-17:00

Visual artist Marc Mulders and designer Maarten Meevis (Bureau Kinkorn) present the exhibition Liturgy and Typography in the library of the Van Abbemuseum. It is an exhibition of printed matter, posters, postcards, catalogues and other products of their collaboration. In addition, they will be making a wall-sized collage entitled The Last Judgement specifically for this exhibition. The exhibition is on view during opening hours of the library.

Foto: Peter Cox

Marc Mulders makes collages, watercolours and paintings bringing together images of current events, art history and nature – flowers and wildlife. In his eyes, these motifs have an ethical, sacral meaning and embody a metaphor for life and hardship. This exhibition is special, due to a wall-sized collage called The Last Judgement that will be executed on three walls of the library’s basement. It will continue the theme of the leaded window of the same name which was revealed and consecrated in the Saint John’s Cathedral in ’s-Hertogenbosch this past Easter. The Last Judgement is a familiar theme from the Bible (Math. 25, 31 46) in which the classical triad of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell is described. To Marc Mulders this type of biblical theme is coloured by current events. The Last Judgement shows hell on earth and to him the shocking events of 9/11 in New York are part of this.

Foto: Peter Cox

mulders en meevis
Marc Mulders has adopted religion as one of the most important subjects in his work. He is known for his collaboration with Themes in Painting, De Tilburgse School, fashion label Stop Bleeding (in collaboration with Diane Schouten) and several projects with designer Claudy Jongstra. For Maarten Meevis the visual and communicative action of typography and design are essential. Maarten Meevis and his multidisciplinary Bureau Kinkorn completed monumental assignments with, among others, Ontwerpbureau Frederik de Wal. To Meevis and Mulders, their collaboration is all about thinking about the essence of the work, the ‘narration’ of one person’s ideas by the other, who has been schooled in a different discipline, and finally, the way to visualise the visions of both artists. Both see the interaction between liturgy and typography as a fascinating topic to investigate.

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Foto: Peter Cox

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